Coconut Puffball the Albino Echidna from the Little Aussie Snugglebuds collection


My name is Coconut Puffball. I'm spikey like a hedgehog. I like to be left alone with my books. I love reading, it makes me feel calm and happy.  I especially love my atlas and dictionary and study them for hours, then have a little nap! My other friends are Thimble the Tassie Devil and Disco the galah

We’re the little Aussie Snugglebuds. We are a gang of mini mates from Australia who like to snuggle, squish and make mischief.

Children love me, I make a fabulous gift!

I am available in two sizes, medium and as a keychain.  If ordering online please choose which one of us you would like to buy.  Nice to meet you!