Book - Doda yoga - Parents & Children


Doda Yoga is a fun educational tool for children -and parents - to learn, practice, and enjoy yoga. This Yoga kit provides content that is facilitated by humor and simplicity resulting in a light and fun environment for parents and children to learn and bond while having a great time.

Doda Yoga is a fun educational guide for kids and parents- to learn, practice, and enjoy yoga. This offers a great bonding experience between a child and their parents. 

Whilst doing yoga is always fun for boys and girls, Yoga can be an excellent tool for enhancing self-confidence, improving general mood, reducing stress and anxiety and supporting general well-being. Kids and their parents will love this creative learning experience. 

Perfectly sized, this set comes in a compact high-quality tin box that conveniently fits into any travel bag or backpack next to your kids' yoga mat. Popular birthday gift or present. 

The Doda Yoga educational kit – Parents and Children box includes illustrated yoga cards for kids and their parents with detailed instructions, and offers hours of fun and entertainment. Recommended for ages - 6 years old and up.