Quiz - Movie Buff quiz - Ridley's games room

Ridley's Games Room Movie Buff Quiz V2 is the latest version, boasting brand new 2017 content. Packaged neatly in a handsome little geometric box, this game would make a perfect gift for someone you love. Featuring 140 Question Cards, film fanatics will be in their element with this fast-paced game, where they get to show off just how much of a Movie Buff they really are! Remember to throw this one into the car or take on your next camping trip to entertain family and friends!  
Suitable for Players: 16+ Years
Players: 2-4
Contents: Deck of 140 Question Cards, Instructions and a geometric storage box
Size: 5.5cm H x 13cm L x 9cm W
Since 2008, Ridley’s Games has been putting smiles on the faces of young and old alike. While resurrecting old school classics, they have also created their own unique collection of seriously fun games, puzzles, trivia and novelties. Their objective is to spark imaginations, banish boredom and rekindle the joys of childhood.